Hunger Games: The Game??


At the rate Hollywood is going and it surprises me that any one walks such a thin line any more. Point in case the Hunger Games, its a story about kids killing each other like Gladiators. For some reason Hollywood toned down the climactic conclusion to the first Hunger Games movie.


The ending to the first move was slightly different then the book, this should come as no big…

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Ex-Magical Art and Gaming

Ex-Magical Art and Gaming

For the past few months i have been asking around about commissioning an artist for a comic project. Am I asking for them to do it for free? No I am more then happy to pay them, and have offered several to do just that. but alas it seems that single page commissions seem to be less trouble for them then a steady stream of money coming in to them.

Ex-Magical Girl

Ex-Magical Girl

On the bright side I have decided…

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Here is a commission I had done for Mariko, hopefully, for a comic series that I would like to get started if I can find and artist.

This was done by ExplosiveWatermelon she is still taking commissions by the way. :3

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